• Eclipse Ultimate Growing Mix

    Eclipse Ultimate Growing Mix

    Our New Best selling Growing/Potting Mix !!! Red Tick Meets Australian Standards for premium Grade Potting Mix Red Tick Meets Australian Standards for premium Grade Potting Mix

    30L bag (60 per pallet)

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Fertilisers and Wetting Agents for Gardens

As lawns, garden vegetables & flowers grow, they undergo an intensive process that strips nutrients from the soil. Adding fertiliser keeps soil in optimum shape to feed your garden. Choosing the right type of fertilizer and adding the right amount depends on the soil and the plants you're growing.
Beresford Park Distribution carries a diverse range of both Organic & Chemical fertilisers to cover off around the garden, vegetable patch and lawns. These include some of the following leading brands:

  • Brunnings
  • Yates
  • Amgro
  • Multicrop
  • Manutec
  • Incitec
  • Patons
  • Katek
  • OCP
  • Osmocote
  • Healthy Earth
  • Seasol
  • Nutrimol

Wetting Agents

What is a wetting agent?
A wetting agent is a chemical compound commonly known as a surfactant.
It lowers the surface tension between:
(a) two liquids,
(b) between a liquid and a solid, allowing easier spreading and penetration of a liquid into a solid.
A soil wetting agent is particularly useful on soils and potting media that have become hydrophobic (water-repellent) such as:

  • soils that have formed a crust due to lack of cultivation
  • sands
  • sandy loams
  • soils with a high organic content where the surface may have become 'waxy'
  • soils and potting mixes that have been allowed to become extremely dry

Wetting agents may be liquid concentrate (ready to be diluted with water and applied) or solid (granular