• DogproTrue Value

    True Value

    We're making the choice of dry dog food easy for you!Available in 4kg and 20kg Packs
  • DogproOriginal Adult

    Original Adult

    With its special combination of vitamins, minerals, meat and vegetable proteins helps to promote a healthy canine metabolism.Dogpro contains natural vegetable oils which help maintain a healthy skin and lustrous shiny coat associated with a healthy active dog.
  • DogproWorking Dog

    Working Dog

    Working Dogs are constantly on the go. Working around the farm, controlling livestock, law enforcement and guiding the blind, it is no wonder these guys require a high energy feed giving them the energy to keep going and going and going!
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Dog Food

Beresford Park Distribution is proud to distribute a comprehensive range of dog foods to the Pet & Produce industries throughout NSW.

Some of the quality brands we supply are:

  • Pedigree – Mince & Veg, Beef, Working Dog  and Puppy dry & canned formulations
  • Advance Super Premium – Adult, Small/Toy Dog, Large Giant Adult, Weight Control, Puppy – dry & canned formulations
  • Chum – dry & canned Formulations
  • Mars Pet Care – Mate Dry & Canned Formulations
  • Supercoat – all varieties in 12kg & 18kg
  • Proplan Super Premium – all varieties in 15kg
  • Coprice – Family, Working Dog, Lite & Mature & Puppy
  • The Great Australian Pet Food Company – True Blue, Boomer Kennel Pack & Winning Edge
  • Ridley Agri Products – Cobber Family, Cobber Puppy, Cobber Working Dog, Cobber Country &  LAD – Lazy Aussie Dog
  • Aussie Pet Brands – Box 1 4x2, Box 1 2x2, Box 1 Gold Racing , Snack Bones  & Butchers Choice
  • Bil Jacs  – Super Premium Dry Food & training Treats

For your local stockists please contact us.