• Eclipse Ultimate Growing Mix

    Eclipse Ultimate Growing Mix

    Our New Best selling Growing/Potting Mix !!! Red Tick Meets Australian Standards for premium Grade Potting Mix Red Tick Meets Australian Standards for premium Grade Potting Mix

    30L bag (60 per pallet)

    Ask our sales team for our special pricing !
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Manures and Mulches - Growing Media

Manures and MulchesTo obtain the best long term fertilising results we recommend mulching garden beds with an organic medium such as manure or organic mulch. This not only improves soil structure and water retention, but also protects from extremes in temperature and any potential 'salt' burn from over fertilising.
Beresford Park Distribution offer to our clients a range of quality Mulches and Manures. A number of them being organically certified so you can be assured of getting the best on the market.
Some of the brands available:
Brunnings Australian owned, it is an industry leader in many categories including lawn seed, fertilisers, weedicides, potting mix, manures and composts.
Ki-Carma Ki Carma Garden Products is an Australian owned & operated company that sources all of its products locally, starting out supplying quality products in 1997, Originally with 2 products of local cow & chicken manure for the home gardener. Ki Carma offers a wide range of organic certified products and now offering Sugar Cane Mulch.

Australian Prime Fibre – Sugar cane mulch is made from the leaves of the sugar cane plant that is left on the ground after harvest. It provides organic matter to the soil, encourages earthworm activity which improves soil condition and is excellent to use on fruit trees and general gardens. BFA -organically certified product, 100% biodegradable.