• DogproTrue Value

    True Value

    We're making the choice of dry dog food easy for you!Available in 4kg and 20kg Packs
  • DogproOriginal Adult

    Original Adult

    With its special combination of vitamins, minerals, meat and vegetable proteins helps to promote a healthy canine metabolism.Dogpro contains natural vegetable oils which help maintain a healthy skin and lustrous shiny coat associated with a healthy active dog.
  • DogproWorking Dog

    Working Dog

    Working Dogs are constantly on the go. Working around the farm, controlling livestock, law enforcement and guiding the blind, it is no wonder these guys require a high energy feed giving them the energy to keep going and going and going!
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Bird Health

Bird HealthBeresford Park Distribution is proud to distribute a comprehensive range of Animal Health Products to the Pet & Produce industries throughout NSW.

Some of the quality brands we supply are:

  • Avitrol Plus  – Avitrol Plus is a bird worming syrup concentrate. For the treatment of threadworm, caecal worm, roundworm, gape worm gizzard worm and tapeworm in ornamental cage birds. Do not dose in hot dry weather or treat stressed birds that are feeding young.
  • Oxymav B – A broad spectrum antibiotic powder for treating respiratory and general bacterial conditions in caged birds. No prescription is required for this useful medication.
  • Inca Flight Company –  Inca is a second generation family owned business that has been manufacturing Australian made animal health products since 1970. Some of their more notable products include Baladene electrolytes, Ban Fly insect repellent, Ornithon vitamin mineral supplement for birds, Piperazine Solution wormer, Malaban Wash insecticidal rinse, Sulfa 3 for birds and Pestene insecticidal dusting powder.
  • Pharmachem – Dogs, cats and horses are the main focus of our range with cattle, birds and pigs also represented.

For your local stockists please contact us.