• CopricePremium Feeds

    Premium Feeds

    * All Natural Rice based formulation

    * 100% balanced and complete

    * Rich in essential vitamins

    * Highly digestible

  • BarastocPoultry Feeds

    Poultry Feeds

    Complete poultry feed containing natural grains and seeds for laying hens in a home flock.

    Barastoc Darling Downs Layer are available in 2, 5 and 20kg bags.

    A group of 10 hens will consume approximately 9kg of feed each week.

  • BarastocGolden Yolk

    Golden Yolk

    Barastoc Golden Yolk is suited to a wide range of layer-type breeds.

    It is formulated to provide balanced levels of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals, including calcium.

    The Barastoc Golden Yolk feed is pelletised and are available in 2, 5 and 20kg bags.

  • BarastocEquine products

    Equine products

    Individual horses have individual needs. From a thoroughbred broodmare to a three-day eventer, each horse requires a different balance of ingredients to maintain health and condition.

    Barastoc have horse feeds for Leisure, Sport & Competition, Racing, Breeding, Specialty Feeds and Supplements for all age groups.

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Horse Feeds

Horse feedsBeresford Park Distribution is proud to distribute a comprehensive range of horse feeds to the Livestock & Produce industries throughout NSW.

Mitavite – No matter the horse, Mitavite have the perfect balance of nutrition for your everyday feed and supplement needs.
Coprice – Manufacturing High quality horse feeds for more than 30 years Coprice feeds are formulated using the latest equine nutritional research to ensure the best results. Coprice uses the highest quality ingredients to manufacture feed for all breeds of horses and ponies in all types of work, as well breeding, spelling and retirement
Ridleys/Barastoc – here is no doubt that individual horses have individual needs. Whether it is a thoroughbred broodmare or three day event, every horse requires a different balance of ingredients to maintain health and condition. With over 30 years’ experience in formulating high quality, tailored nutritional solutions, Barastoc have created a range of products that to meet your animal’s individual needs throughout all stages of life.
Horsepower – Horsepower offers an extensive range of equine nutrition products to suit a variety of different needs. Developed over 25 years, our range includes feeds and supplements, incorporating the latest research with sound nutritional practice.

Prydes –

A family owned and operated business operating out of a Feed Safe accredited mill, with all feeds being produced under the ‘Feed Safe’ code of good manufacturing practice you know you are going to get quality. Raw materials are specially selected, and once they arrive at the mill they undergo a series of tests to make sure they are up to our standard. Anything that doesn’t meet their tight specifications is sent back to where it came from.
Prydes feeds have their own set recipe that is used to make that feed day in, day out. This means you get the same high quality product in every bag of feed you buy.
A major point of difference between Prydes feeds and other feeds on the market is protein quality. Pryde’s EasiFeed uses premium quality protein from soybean supported by excellent protein from lupins and faba beans to give your horse the best possible proteins available.
Prydes have their our own in-house, high tech laboratory that is used to constantly to monitor feed protein, moistures. Feeds are also regularly and extensively tested by an independent laboratory for protein, mineral and heavy metal content to make sure what they  say is in the bags is actually in there and that there is no contamination with heavy metals.
Prydes have a feed to suit all horses and all budgets and Beresford Park are proud to be able to offer the Prydes range from our warehouse.

For your local stockists please contact us.